Issue 5 | Do You Understand Me?:


hurreya, hanan and hair


she said

Issue 8 | Bridges:

the bridge that saved me from worry

Issue 9 | Map of a Virtual World:

my traveling body

NICKOLODEAN is Tania Hammidi, and Tania is Nicko. Nick sings songs to a rhtymn and emobodies the ideal mixed-breed political performer dream. Nickolodean/Tania is an Arab-American identified country drag king learning about her own his own Lebanese heritage from an assimilated pop and a West Virginian mom. Nicko has a best brother through whom s/he accesses Lebanese-American half-breed roots, childhood, depth. Nicko likes to sing and dance. Nicko sometimes is a boy and sometimes a girl, but always tg butchy serious and eats tomatoes.


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