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dear nadine

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costume changes, closets, culture and the old country

Issue 6 | Shift:

a view from queer arab america, post september 11th

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Everybody thinks Frankenstein had it really bad. They don't know. I mean, yeah it sucks being this kind of weird creation that everyone is repulsed by and no one likes you, and then there's the bit about the iceberg and his creator trying to destroy him and everything. But from what I saw, he was really happy because he was always outside the family arguments, the tribal wars started over petty things. He could just sigh heavily and wander away, claiming to be misunderstood. Underneath it all he was really happy that he was alone and no one owned him, no one could tie him down. He didn't have to take sides. That's the Frankenstein I knew. No one ever talks about that.

Interesting. Do you think most people who ran into Frank even knew he was a monster? I've heard he tried to "pass" for a while.

Frankenstein was actually very up front about who he was. And it's funny that you call him Frank. He never called himself that, he always used his full, real name. There was a time when he told me he questioned whether he should do that, because he really could have gotten away with passing if he had wanted to, and some people told him that to protect himself he should use a different name or not be so public. But he figured there were enough people already out to get him -- his own father, or creator, for crying out loud! -- that it didn't make any sense for him to try to protect himself by changing his name or hiding his scars or something. He was a very up-front guy. I liked that about him.


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