Jen Camper

Issue 1 | Web of Dreams:

auntie jo

Issue 2 | Distance and Belonging:

memory lane

Issue 3 | Bashtaheeky:

first date

Issue 4 | Ya Allah!:

new research reveals

my church

abortion kills

Issue 5 | Do You Understand Me?:

fall fashion dilemma

the day victoria got her hair cut

name that wig!!

Issue 6 | Shift:

identity crisis

then and now

Jennifer Camper is a cartoonist and graphic artist living in Brooklyn, NY. She claims to have no knowledge whatsoever about that unfortunate incident with the identical twin acrobats and the eggplant.

Her book Rude Girls and Dangerous Women is a collection of her cartoons. Her newest book, subGURLZ is a graphic novel about three women who live in abandoned subway tunnels.


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