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Guest Producers:

Mary Salome and Laura

"Obviously, Queer Arabia doesn't really exist, and if it did, its inhabitants would probably argue about the meaning of the word 'queer' and the construction of the word 'Arabia!' " read the introduction


Table of Contents

Bintelnas Issue 9: Map of a Virtual World

finding our ways home: queer swana artists as mapmakers
panel discussion
flag exhibit various artists
misery, the play by fadi aqillan
for palestine by hanan masri
could we make a bed, memory, today i do such simple things
by jim saliba
heavenly gift, if time was a god, my only window, troy by maher sabry
eater of death, nothing happened by shailja patel
hallelujah! by sima shakhsari
my traveling body by tania hammidi

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