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Saif found Leyna's e-mail address on the message board of Bint el Nas, the on-line queer Arab women's magazine. He dropped a message to her. Leyna decided to play him. Saif wanted to sleep with lesbians, and Leyna wanted to teach him a lesson. She was determined to change Saif through her game or correspondence with him. They discussed many subjects: Jordan, gambling, sex,... Leyna found herself building bridges with her past, her homeland, and men. On the other hand, Saif's outcome was different. Leyna gave him an exposure to queer ideas: He was shocked by what can happen to a man in a woman's bedroom. She also opened Saif's eyes to see the Middle-Eastern women who made their common history: For the first time, he saw the queens of Petra, Tadmor, and Carthage from a different angle. But who is the fourth queen? Read their story and you may find some answers that Saif couldn't...

From: Saif
To: Leyna1979
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 10:33:37 +0300

Hi there,

I am Saif, 26, programmer, from Jordan, and I am interested in having friends from all over the world. I got your e-mail address while surfing I'll talk about everything you wish to talk about.

From: Leyna1979
To: Saif
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 10:43:05 -0800

Marhaba Saif,

I am a young, Lebanese, queer person living currently on the west coast of the United States, and attending Washington State University. Are you familiar with the word "queer"?

I have an article that will appear soon in issue number 5 of bintelnas. After you read the article, let me know if you still want to be my "friend"! :)

What do you like to talk about? We can talk about cars or poetry; sports or Fairuz; sex or family; et cetera. You choose.

Your pen pal,
From: Saif
To: Leyna1979
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 08:16:09 +0300

Hi Leyna,

Kifik inti?

The word "queer," I guess, it has something to do with "gayness" and lesbian things. I don't know what exactly. But I like very much to meet lesbians!

Yes, of course, I will read your article when it comes out and I will respond. I hope it has some sexual fantasies because that is what I like to talk about.

mashi ya amar?

From: Leyna1979
To: Saif
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 10:46:28 -0800


kifak inta? malla inta!

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and intersexed people (LGBTI) used to be called "queer" by a hateful society. Nowadays, LGBTI people label themselves as such because they are proud of it. Also, some new generation heterosexual people currently like to label themselves as queer, especially if they have a sexual life which is off the edge or off the social norms and standards.

What is your opinion about gay people in general? What about lesbians in particular? I sensed from you that you are intrigued by the idea of being with two lesbians in bed?! I believe many heterosexual Arab men are. Is it why you visited bintelnas web site?

When my article will appear in issue # 5 in June, you will understand more my freaky or unusual sexual life.

Are you active sexually in Jordan? I hear it is hard to be active in a conservative society; is it true? I guess men who like to fuck women will find it harder to do in Jordan than men who like to fuck men. I hear that in our Arabic societies sometimes heterosexual men fuck gay men just because they cannot get a woman. Is it true? What do you think?

I will start by telling you something about me. I am a queer person, female-born. The only man I have fucked is a blonde boy here in Washington state. I rarely visit the Middle-East and I do not have the urge to be in bed with an Arab man because they like to dominate women and they are selfish. Are you like that?

Tell me about your sexuality. Let's see how much you can open up for me...

I am awaiting for your reply.


From: Saif
To: Leyna1979
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 09:31:04 +0300

Hi Leyna,

I hate very much gay people. Gays in the Arab world are not the same like in the West. In the West they do it for change, while in the Arab world they do it because it's difficult to meet "bussies."

Anyhow, I am a very sexy man. Actually now, while I am at work, I am surfing some lesbian sites. I like lesbians very much, and my dream is to lay down while they start teasing each other and, therefore, teasing me, until I am turned on, then I fuck them...

I knew so many girls but I never had a real sexual life. All I want is to meet a girl, like me, who just accepts the bed idea easily. Last night I was with a girl in a coffeeshop. It was our first date. Today when I sent to her on the mobile phone a message, "have a nice kiss," she replied, "no kisses."

Please, what is goin on? I don't know! Isn't there a girl who likes to make sex in this world? My other option is to pick some "pitch," which I wouldn't do even if fuck myself because I hate dirty girls.

When you post your article on-line, e-mail me to read it. mashi?!?!

I like to have sex with a woman or more but not with a man. I extremly hate when sometime I see a man behaving like gays, I wish to...

My experience is a humble, little one. I have never put my dick in a "bussy" except once in a lady who was renting a flat in our building. I was so afraid that some one will come so I finished very fast, but she became "ubset." Her husband seems weak I guess, so she said, "Don't worry, stay, no one will come"... but I was already dressed and I ran to my car...

Leyna, if you like to come to Jordan, you are more than welcome... It's now your turn babe, show me how wild you are!

With all my LOVE,


From: Leyna1979
To: Saif
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 14:21:48 -0800

So you like to be with two lesbians in bed? But I think when two real lesbians are in bed, you won't get anything. They will kick you out of the room.

Why do you hate gay men? Did they do anything to you while growing up? I have many gay male friends! You don't need to sleep with a gay man if you are not attracted to him, but why to hate them all?


From: Saif
To: Leyna1979
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 15:17:32 +03

My babe,

Tell me more about your expierences. Let's chat live.


From: Leyna1979
To: Saif
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 20:13:09 -0800

Quick note from Las Vegas, where I am spending few days of vacation. I am having fun. I am staying at "The Four Queens" hotel. The name of the hotel is inspiring; isn't it?


From: Saif
To: Leyna1979
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 11:26:16 +03

Hi babe,

Wow! I read your story... it's a very strange story... you are a maniac ... how lucky your Matt is... Tell me more about it, please!!! Let's chat now... meet me on-line...


Saif: hi babe...

Leyna1979: Hi Saif!

Saif: Nice to meet you on-line... I feel the cyber bridge between us is so short...

Leyna1979: you are right: I already feel we have a connection. It was not in my plan... but it is there now...

Saif: so special story, I am still wondering if you are talking seriously... Did you really fuck the man? It is very weird...

Leyna1979: Are you afraid to meet me after reading the poem? Do you think I will jump on you and rape you?! :)

Saif: Naaah, I am not afraid of you babe ... but I can't imagne being fucked, actually I had never been before... ha ha ha...

Leyna1979: Me too! I was never literally fucked before! I was a little fucked (screwed) financially on the roulette table in Vegas, though!

Saif: Unlucky in games, lucky in love! By the way, did they call the hotel in Las Vegas "The Four Queens" after some real queens who stayed there?

Leyna1979: No, it is just a strong hand in poker. Tell me, who are your favorite queens from the Arab world?

Saif: Well, our queen, Queen Nour, because she is very pretty and her body is sexy too.

Leyna1979: Waw... Do you measure a queen by her face and physique? You don't care about the value of her achievements... It seems men are men, wherever they are! What about Middle-Eastern queens throughout History? Any favorites for you?

Saif: Why, did we have any?

Leyna1979: Well, you are partially right. We didn't have too many queens who made it through History books. But still, we had quiet a few heroic queens.

Saif: Which queens made it to Leyna's favorite list?

Leyna1979: There are 4 queens!

Saif: The first is...

Leyna1979: Elissa, founder and queen of Carthage.

Saif: Yes, there was a modern ballet by Caracalla troup about her, performed in festivals. What is special about her, for you?

Leyna1979: She was a Phoenician princess who fled the city of Tyre (currently Sour in southern Lebanon) and built the city of Carthage on the coast of the current Tunisia. In summary, the Phoenician king Mattan dies leaving his two children Elissa and Pygmalion a joint reign over the kingdom. The brother, who was afraid that his sister might seize power, plotted against her and killed her lover Ascrebas. Feeling the danger, Elissa fled Tyre to Carthage where she meets the Berber King Larbas. The king requests to marry her, but though she was persuaded by her entourage to accept the offer, she was able to postpone the ceremony until the building of her city. As the wedding approaches, Elissa throws herself in the flames. Carthage became so powerful as a Phoenician city of trade that it eclipsed the eastern cities of Tyre, Sidon, and Byblos. Elissa is an example of a woman who rebells against her family, gets what she wants, and has enough courage to shape her destiny and plan her death.

Saif: Waw... and the second queen?

Leyna1979: Zanoubia, queen of Tadmor.

Saif: Isn't Tadmor in Syria?

Leyna1979: Yes, it is. My recollection of Zanoubia is from a TV series I watched while growing up in Lebanon. The actress Nidal el-Ashkar is my favorite. She is very theatrical. Also Fairuz has a long song (or is it an opera?) titled Zanoubia. Briefly, Zanoubia took the throne of Tadmor after her father or brother was killed by the Romans in the battle field. In five years under Queen Zanoubia, Tadmor became a powerful city and a refuge for people from neigboring towns fleeing the Romans. The Roman army could not defeat the city. They finally sent a disguised Roman officer who was able to gain the love of Zanoubia. When she discovered the betrayal that lead to the Romans entering the gates of her city, she fought back while loosing the war, killed her lover, then commited suicide in order not to be taken as a prisoner of war.

Saif: So why do you like Zanoubia? Because she was fooled by a dick?

Leyna1979: No, because she is the first Arabic sister who realized that we are better off without men. She sent him to hell before her!

Saif: Smile :) And the third queen?

Leyna1979: Shakila, Queen of Petra.

Saif: Petra is in Jordan, I know the city. I have also seen the opera "Petra" by the Rahbani Brothers. The presence and voice of Fairuz was better than a real queen.

Leyna1979: and did you like the character of the queen?

Saif: Well, she gave up the life of her daughter to save her people's victory over the Romans' troops. It is something impressive, especially that, nowadays, our Arabic leaders (kings or presidents) would even sell their countries just for few American dollars.

Leyna1979: you got this one right! :)

Saif: I am always right; aren't I?

Leyna1979: Sure, Mr. Man! you are so full of it...

Saif: You turn me on, Leyna. Send me your picture...

Leyna1979: Why? Do you wanna use it to give yourself a hand job?

Saif: No, I wanna dream about the queen of my world! I wanna marry you!

Leyna1979: Romeo, you fell so quickly for Juliet! Or are we the famous couple from Arabia: Qays and Layla?

Saif: No, we are Leyna and her Saif, which means her sword... use me to fight the world and get your anger out...

Leyna1979: Why? Do you think I am an angry person?

Saif: Well, your queer ideas... your fantasy of fucking men... your unwillingness to be domintaed by a real man like me...

Leyna1979: Shut up!!!

Saif: Does the truth hurt?

Leyna1979: Stop... shut up, Saif...

Saif: ???

Leyna1979: You defeated me, Saif! I joined this game while being totally sure that I will induce change in you, whereas I will leave the scene untouched, unharmed.

Saif: and you feel defeated because you didn't change me; or did you?

Leyna1979: There is no doubt that an irreversible change happened to you. However, I feel I didn't win for two reasons. One of them is that I changed too during the period of our correspondence. I do not have the same attitude, even hatred, that I had for straight men who want to fuck or rape lesbians.

Saif: And the second reason is...?

Leyna1979: It is simple: after we depart, you will go on with your life as any real person, whereas I won't.

Saif: Why?

Leyna1979: Think, Saif, think...

Saif: Will you suicide like Queen Zanoubia?

Leyna1979: No, I said I don't have a real life!

Saif: Why?

Leyna1979: You are so slow, Saif! The answer is so far from your reach. Forget about finding it. Just be proud that you defeated Leyna.

Saif: I am very proud but I would have preferred to conquer you in bed!

Leyna1979: Ha, ha, ha... but the play is not over yet: You defeated Leyna in this cyber space battle but someone stabbed you afterwards in your back... He created Leyna who disillusioned you.

Saif: Who is he? Is He Allah?

Leyna1979: Leave God alone. He is the fourth "queen", the queen who wins every battle.

Saif: Who is he?

Leyna1979: No answers anymore! Silence will rule from now on...

Saif: Aw come on, Leyna!

Leyna1979: (The curtain is falling.)

Saif: Don't leave...

Saif: Don't leave me hanging like this...

Saif: Please!

Saif: Hello!

Saif: Are you there?

Saif: Leyna, please...

From: Saif
To: Leyna1979
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 4:54:10 +03


Don't leave me like this... please!!!

Your broken Saif, forever!

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