i imagine myself as the arab boy in a strange country |  taff


I imagine myself as the arab boy in a strange country
At last found him
The trannyboi the boi like me
I walk up to him
He's shorter than me
Must be arab
Bas el-accent
As they say in Falesteen
Ya Lehwee!
He looks white
Can't be arab
So when we are walking
I hold his hand
Look at him again...

Ya habibi?
He knows Arabic!
Inta elhilooo
He's silent
So I talk and talk
I catch him looking...
Right at my lips
Probably wondering...
Am I a good cocksucker?
Hahahahaha tab3an ya habibi
He laughs when I do

Some jews pass us
I remember yelling
In Arabic
He pulled me into an ally
What are you doing???
I laugh
Ya habibi
He smiles

Remember the time?
The time I found out...
Nevermind habibi
I will teach you Arabic

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