as a stranger |  julia

We do not choose our Native Country, and we do not chose our Mother, we do not choose our sex and we do not choose lesbianism ! All this is only one part of ourselves and a fate in our life ! The family wants from us to be within the norm of society ! Without the norm, we live on the fringe of society! But what are these laws that make me an excluded person?!

The natural law has made me a woman and a lesbian who I like a lot ! But society ignores me, excludes me twice: the first time because I am a woman, and the second time because I am a lesbian. So I have no rights if I am a woman and I have none also if I am a lesbian!

This society rejects women, but to be a woman and a lesbian is unthinkable!

It is difficult to live in your own country, rejected and at the same time threatened with death, and it is difficult to live in a country where you have no cultural, linguistic, historical ties...

Who am I and what is my place in this world ? Where is my vast world? my world, the not natural one, my world which accepts me as I am... !

In the creations of Gods, there are secrets... !

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