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There she was
Leaning against the wall
Laughing joking with her friends
When she sees me
Scared and shy of me

Just as I was
Helping her
Caring for her
I fell in love
The woman who changed my life
Such a cliché I know

The woman who married me
The trans-something
She saw me
Saw the dark haired arab man
Didn't deny it for a moment

What was this?
4 months and no bleeding?
A new son,
Not mine but hers
Now she wants another

Yes something is changing
You know where
Down there
It has grown that little bit
A tiny bit... .ya rub!
Could it be?
Or like we are famous for

Making love
The moment of truth
My mustache is thicker now
What if I get her pregnant???
What is she going to say?!
"She" got me pregnant?
Ya rub!

Habibi, give me a son
Inshallah habibity inshallah

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