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Guest Producers
 Mary and Nida`
"I have tried to create change through the force of my will, and suffered when things didn't go according to my plan."
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Issue 8: Bridges

..seeing the bridges, and sensing their touch, can surprisingly heal us when perhaps we feel most alone. They are passages, they are bold, and best of all, someone already put them in place.
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Table of Contents
Bintelnas Issue 6: Shift

identity crisis and then and now by jen camper
melting spring by micaela raen
no title, by taff
on change in my life by akambal & yaltawdy
resources for creating and handling change by lina and mary
shift/change from without/producing change from within by happy/l.a. hyder
a view from queer arab america, post september 11th by lina and mary

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