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This piece is about hair.

She said
"This is the story I always tell
about Tania"
after an event
where we were all waiting for something.
Us women.
On International Women's day.
Step forth and be courageous sister.
Hip hop
Hip hop
Hip hop sister.
Do you know speak out
Leopard skin tight Cleopatra pants
"That skinny black glossy fabric," you know.

We are a visual people
My people.
This people.
These women.

"I'm not talking to you, unless I am."

Sunny in black with a new hair cut
Keeps whiskey sours $3, $2 for tip, in front of me.
Thank you Sunshine of my life
I know
You hear it all the time.
Village herbalist, Daphne on the walls.
Thanks to God.

We start to unfold each other.
Dynamics start to go.

These women
don't talk to each other
when tension mounts here
One will tell you, "I love your shoes.
They look new."
"Yes. They are. I love them."
"I like your pants. A lot."
We look at each other, looking, wanting.
But not talking to each
in mixed company? Not what's going on
because all of a sudden it is going on.
Stuff. Gossip. Why? Dynamics.
to play off of.
What language do you want?
Emotional people.

I have never felt more loved,
than by my sisters.

You know.

What is it that keeps us from each other
intense feelings for women
the intense feelings we have for women
straight, gay, mothers, sisters, cousins?
"That was the first time I was amongst
Arab women who were not my cousins."

Work really hard
to get over your family
Not to play games with anyone else. I've had enough.
Come if you can. I love you. I need you. And come if
you can. And don't come if you can't.

Can't you see what I see?
Village people?
I came out. I came out.

This is the story I always tell about

When she was writing her thesis, she grew out
her hair. It was down to here [and she motions to my
shoulders with her hand in a shriek of laughter
twinkle. And I heart her]."

I'm not sure what she wants with this.
Her tulips drooping down in their tulip-like fashion
from her purse
Her lover with a thick wooly urban style
blue tips on white billy idol hair.

But I add to her story
"Yeh, a whole year. March to March.
Then when I cut off those curly wavey locks
so thick lullabye waves
I used them for a my face.
fuck me with your sideburns I think
A beautiful goatee. Mister me.
A whole this:
[and I motion with my hands. and we laugh.]"

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