"I've been hairy all my life." cheryl qamar
Guest Producer
 Tania Hammidi
"We're choosing to work through the demands of our identities with the demands on our bodies."
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Table of Contents
Bintelnas Issue 5: Do You Understand Me?

my baseball hat and his hair by leyna
costume changes, closets, culture and the old country by mary salome
diary excerpts by trans libano
fall fashion dilemma, the day victoria got her hair cut, and name that wig!!, by jen camper
hair by nida`
hurreya, hanan and hair by hurrey a. nasser and hanan
less equaling more by reham
my arabic hairitage by cheryl qamar
my queerpunk: on punkrock, defiance, and seduction by nadyalec
poiesis noir: cette corpse by bahíyyih maroon
she said by nickolodean
art and politics resources by tania hammidi

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