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I was asked to talk about god, the issue is a complex one. God has been used to justify hate, war, and occupation of lands and peoples. The issue of god to me is a personal one. My relation with god is of love, strength and compassion. It is the place where I gather the power to go on when things get tough. The love and peace I sense on a wonderful day. Those feelings didn't come overnight, it took a long time of soul searching and living. To be precise 53 years of it. I have gone through my life with lots of pain and recovery as well. I believe the only thing keeping me going is my family and my deep spirituality with god. I do not specify what god is. god to me is this wonderful energy and it is my choice to use it wisely. In many ways, I feel I am the child of the universe, the child of all religions.

Yes, my culture and tradition is of the Islamic faith. However, I truly feel I belong to all faiths. However, I feel deep anger and concern when it is used to discriminate, to hate, and to kill.

My specific concern in this article of reflection, is the issue of homosexuality.

I am a mother of a daughter who is wonderful, kind, loving, sensitive and a productive part of society. She also happens to be a lesbian. I support my daughter to live her life the way she feels fit. I have learned being a lesbian is an integral part of who she is. Love and friendship bind us together for ever.

If any person has any doubt what it means to be a mother, a friend, and an acquaintance of gays and lesbians, you need to be as fortunate as I am to have had the opportunity to be in the midst of a community gathering when I visited my daughter last summer. The feeling of love and generosity was evident everywhere.

Give of yourself the gift of love and compassion, and may the power of god lead you.

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