untitled   Naz


My lover, you are not here anymore, but can I figure you / us out?
First you wanted to get into my pussy, ass, eat my pussy and what have u
U only ended up doing the first one.
I sensed you did not like using your hands, you wanted to use your dick.
So my revelation was when I was on top, riding you like the wildest horse
But I loved it,
Both our naked genitals, but I could feel your cock, or something other,
more special than a cock, getting bigger and going deeper in me.
It was actually making me feel more things than any kind of cock would,
It was magical,
Shame went away
Shame we did it this way only once.
Me who has to break through my own barriers usually in my head, to get
anywhere, found this way to break my barriers the easiest, and take me that other place.
Is it in the same way the ritual chains do?
My inner core calling your name over and over fluffy white clouds giving you
unsurpassed sensations of freshness, protection and serenity wherever u are my love.
Approach, take shape and make it real, fulfill me in the deep corners of my soul, unexpected capture

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