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seven steps to a story, it's up to you - get creative!
This is an on-line version of a game called "madlibs." Fill out the form below, then click the submit button. The words you chose will be "plugged in" to an existing story. Get as creative, raunchy, or silly as you want -- in whatever languages you feel like using!

(If you need help with grammar or parts of speech, here are some tips)

1. To start off with...Names:
Two women's names and
One more name, a man or a woman
Author's name (you can make one up)

2. Okay, now some emotions and exclamations!:
three emotions (love, hate, etc...)

one exclamation (geez!, wallah!, etc...)

3. Time and Place:
Length of time (seconds, hours, centuries, etc)
Another length of time
A country or city

4. Body Parts!
two body parts (plural, like "arms" instead of "arm")
one body part (singular)

5. Some Nouns! (person, place or thing)
Okay, give us 4 nouns

three plural nouns (like "cars")

6. Verbs! (action!)
two verbs
three past verbs ("ran" instead of "run")

a verb ending in "s"
a verb ending in "ing"

7. and to finish it off:
an adjective (like "juicy")
and a nice calming phrase, please:
now, click the button to:
Grammar Tips

Noun: A person, place, or thing. Examples: bed, valley. A plural noun means more than one person, place, or thing. Example: beds, valleys.

Verb: An action word, a word that describes doing something. Example: eat. In this madlibs, sometimes we ask for verbs ending in "ing" or "s." Examples: eating, eats.

Adjective: A word that describes a noun. Example: smooth. (A smooth talker).

Adverb: A word that describes a verb. Adverbs usually answer the questions how? where? when? how often? to what degree? Example: happily. (Eat happily). Adverbs often end in "ly" in English.

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