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 lulu bean


"Not only am I tired of reading between the lines, but I refuse to help create them."

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"i always thought, if only you were my type baby, this would be sexy..."

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Call for Writing:
Issue 4 of Bint el Nas

Ya Allah!
Deadline: November 6, 2000

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° raindancer

° when i pictured fucking him

° first date
    jen camper

° madlibs
    mary salome

° untitled
     lulu bean

° analysis of my sexual identity a year ago

° na-shazza: being fairooz malkovich

° watercolor
    rashida khoury

° accident

° an evening at the movies
    lulu, lola, la!la!

° i see the boy
    rashida khoury

° virgin/whore
    lulu bean

° catcall

° untitled

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