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Ya Allah!

Allah. Ya Allah. Inshallah. Al hamdullilah. Allahu akbar. Allah maak. God.

Allah -- it may be the most commonly used word in Arabic, and also the most powerful. And yet, the topic of God is frequently met either with silence or with screaming judgment.

Calling all queer Arab/Middle Eastern girls: Let's break the silence. Let's talk about God in our own voices, on our own terms. Let's talk about all the things we -- of all people! -- are not supposed to talk about. Let's write about religion. About sin and salvation, haram and halal, grace and goodness and God. Are you Muslim? Christian? Druze? None of the above? Can you be any of the above and be queer? Do you believe? Are you spiritual? An atheist? An agnostic? Do you want to believe? Do you want not to believe?

Let's write about God. Is God a man? A woman? A trinity? Benevolent? Merciful? Compassionate? Does God have a face? Hands? Have they touched you? How did it feel?

If you've already written about it, send it. If you have thoughts about it, write them down. Send them in. We welcome any form of writing, visual art, multi-media and film. If you can mail it, we can use it.

Deadline for submissions: November 6, 2000
Send Submissions to the Guest Producer at

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