accident   Zzzzuhaqiah69


the stars are on fire, just like wadi rum.
except they only last about one minute before fading into the night of my ceiling.
the small ones disappear first.
then the big ones.
the big ones make the shape of the big dipper.
it happened quite by accident since i put the stickers in daylight and couldnt see what i was doing.
it all happened quite by accident.

like it usually does.
the best things in your life, your best friends, your lovers, your career/s, all by "accident."
the preconcieved, premeditated, forget about it.
the sexiest sex, the loveliest love, will, as cliche as it sounds, arrive unawares.

take example 1, for example:
we're in this big moving truck, she's driving.
its maybe 12:01 am.
shes a passionate, strong, big tall woman.
you watch her features, staring at her serious gaze as she pays attention
to the road, you wonder what shes thinking and reprimanding yourself for
being so horny and thinking only about fucking with her when there are
far more important things at hand, you have yet another truckload of
stuff to move and its already getting late and everyone has work tomorrow
and she got evicted by the greedy landlord and she must be feeling like
shit and theres all this stuff to get done in time.
how could you be so inconsiderate?
suddenly, her face gets very serious.
she looks in the rear view and pulls over suddenly, without making eye contact with you.
shit, you think, we must have a flat tire and all youre thinking about is sex with her.
instead of getting out of the truck, however, she gets into your lap and kisses you like there's no tomorrow.
this is the first time youve been manhandled like this.
she takes her libido so seriously.
she gets this serious look on her face when she wants you.
like she's marching into someones office in an outrage.
like one of those NYPD episodes.
or like she needs to see you in her office NOW.
like shes mad.
she has no shame.
you love it.
she wants you NOW, on some side street somewhere, when we have a million other things to get done, but she will have you NOW, 12:03 am in a truck.

sexiness is things you are not expecting.
places in your body people dont usually visit.
or that way.
a we-have-a-flat-tire expression turning out to be an
i-have-to-have-you-NOW expression.
no fantasy could ever match up.

hmm...what else?

the big dipper.
that one was a surprise.

she flicks off the light and we hurry up and wrap ourselves around each other before the stars go out.
in this dark night, it is her strong arms around me, her breath on my neck.
in this dark night, i put her head against my beating heart and cover her eyes so she will fall asleep with the stars still there.

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