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I Won't Swallow   anonymous


I am writing this down because my fear eats my words
as I speak and my voice gets indistinguishable from the screams.
This word eating fear that lives inside of me has been planted by a
society that rewards silence and obedience.

A society that punishes and crushes dissent and resistance.

The fear has grown into an unimaginable force
at times consuming righteousness and truth.

I am left feeling mentally and verbally paralyzed...
unable to express what I am feeling most deeply.

Alone in my head

I have entered their place for me to sit and wait to die
swimming in my silence.

Then, as a candle burning I hear your voices
and I remember all that they have made me forget.

We are whole
we ARE human

we have sucked their poison long enough
I have drowned
and been reborn in their poison
flooding the airwaves
flooding our brainwaves

but I am finished
I won't swallow.

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